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Motor Optional?

Optimization provides the back end power for your website.   It is not an option – it is the engine – the site will not succeed in attracting traffic from the search engines without it.  It should to be included in the price.  Yet, many web services companies offer search engine optimization (SEO) as if it were optional. What they don't say it that your "shiny new model" will be left parked gathering dust without it.

I recently tested 250 web sites created by a very large web site design company – a chop shop of sorts but, with fairly good designs and attention to conversion techniques.  Less than 10% had any form of search engine optimization.  They lacked a title, a description, keywords, and any strategic on or off page optimization.  Further checking showed that of the eight sites that were optimized, five were done incorrectly and only one had notable incoming links.  These were conversion friendly websites.  If prospective customers could find them they would probably do very well.

The 200 hundred non optimized sites with the most non flash, on page copy were then filtered to extract ten potential keywords and/or key phrases per site.  Localized searches for those phrases were preformed in Google, Yahoo and Bing.  Not one showed up in natural search.  *Several did have paid advertisements.

The bottom line is that the vast majority of web site owners do not understand the need for search engine optimization (SEO).  They don’t know it is the power behind their web site.