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Search Engine Marketing

social media and internet marketing services

SEM or Search Engine Marketing is internet marketing which utilizes paid search.  This includes PPC or pay per click listings and paid inclusion. 

What Does A Professional Search Engine Marketer Provide

As pay per click gets more and more competitive it becomes harder to run cost effective campaigns. Doing so requires a great deal of market research, designing keyword/key phrases that include a useful long tail, and constant oversight to be sure money is not being wasted. This is why most campaigns benefit from having a qualified, professional SEM consultant at the helm.  Tabooni will work with you to provide a personalized strategy that produces measurable results.  

From Marketing Strategy Development to Creative Copy and Bid Management to landing page designs, Tabooni will help you create a cost effective web marketing campaign that propels your organization to the next level.

The Importance of Your Quality Score

Your quality score is a number assigned by Google or Bing that is related to your ad's relevancy, your web sites' content and your web traffic (plus a few other things). If you are paying for ads and linking to destination URL's or landing pages with a quality score of less than 5 - you are paying too much and you may be targeting the wrong audience.

Quality scores can be improved by increasing the correlation between your ad, your landing page (destination URL) title & content and improving the overall performance of your site. Sometimes this can be done quickly and easily. Consider a hourly SEO consultation to determine the cause of the problem and the potential fixes.

Useful Tricks to Improve Clicks

There are many ways to improve your "click through".  One of the most commonly employed is keyword expansion.  Some ways of expanding your keywords are: 

  • Plurals
  • Geographical targeting
  • Modifiers
  • Category keywords
  • Business name keywords
  • Misspellings - Google has largely taken care of this
  • Brand keywords
  • Seasonality keywords
  • Jargon keywords, nicknames, and acronyms
  • Questions

Social Media's Role in SEM

Becoming a "social" creature is more important than ever. Not only do social media outlets provide additonal sources for advertising (and new revenue streams) they also provide referrals to your business. Plus the "social signals" from Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr and other social outlets are picked up by search engines and influence your sites relevancy factors (think quality score).