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Now Serving Colorado, Texas, Florida and Pennsylvania

Web Design Packages

Web Design Packages

Page - Single page brochure site or landing page design using your logo, graphics and text - starting at $350

Basic - 3 - 5 page basic design, programming, on page SEO using your logo, text and graphics- starting at $750

Custom - 10 page custom designed pages (up to 25 sub pages), programming, on page SEO - starting at $1700

Complete - Complete custom site, programming, on and off page SEO*, 3 social media links, 2 forms - starting at $2200
*one month of basic off page SEO FREE

Web Design Packages

Web Mastering

Our programming costs can be quoted by the hour or by the project. Please contact us to find out which will best suit your needs.

Webmaster by the hour - $75/hour up to five hours

Webmaster 5-10 Hours - $60/hr - *futher discounts may apply for long term services.

Webmaster 10 + hours - $50/hour - *futher discounts may apply for long term services.






SEO packages - web services and pricing

Affordable SEO

SEO Consulting - If you are more a DIY type but have SEO issues to resolve that are outside your knowledge base SEO consulting by the hour is available @ $75/hr

Beginner - includes competitive analysis, keyword selection and implementation, analytics installation, 3 social media accounts, 2 articles, 25 links and local listings - starting at $500

Site Booster - For previously optimized sites that need a visibility boost - includes 2 articles, 50 social media updates, 25 bookmarks, 50 links and website copy enhancement - $300

Maintenance - Whatever your site needs on an ongoing basis - email campaigns, marketing blitzes, article writing, site enhancements, social media development, pay per click ads (clicks not included), blogging, etc - starting at $300/month

Our Guarantee

Tabooni is committed to listening to our clients, understanding their needs and producing web sites that provide the highest possible benefit to both the end user and the site owner.

Find out what Tabooni can do for you: 575-770-9062.