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Web Site Conversion Rates

web conversion rates - optimizing websites for higher conversion ratesA web site conversion is any "call to action" that is successfully implemented by a web site visitor. They can be newsletter sign ups, purchases, survey completions or any other type of action you would like your visitors to take.

Conversion Rate Optimization is the process of streamlining your web pages or "landing pages" to provide more conversions. It is a scientific process involving some trial and error and, generating tangible results. It is not uncommon for improvements to be measured in hundreds of percentage point (ie 256% increase in conversion).

Tabooni's conversion rate optimization involve's a systematic process that has been proven to generate a high ROI. Through the use of landing page design, eye tracking metrics, usability enhancements, A/B testing and a few proprietary measure, Tabooni will take your conversions to level yet to be seen.

Converting Visitors into Customers

Once you have finished the natural search engine optimization process and created the content necessary to bring visitors to your site, you have to make sure that your site is ready for them. Are your visitors finding clear "calls to action"? Are you guiding your visitors through the conversion process with ease or are you losing them in the pipeline?

If your visitors are leaving before converting, you need to find out where and why. This is where Tabooni steps in. We poor over your web analytics, streamline your forms, and simplify your landing pages. Then we watch, seeing what is working and what is not. With continued enhancements, A/B or multi variant testing and other proprietary measures your site turns into the marketing tool it is meant to be.


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