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Tabooni takes an integrated approach to building online businesses. This process begins with web design practices that incorporate the latest research in conversion rate optimization (getting visitors to convert to customers once they are on your site) followed by affordable search engine optimization (SEO) and strategic internet marketing - including email campaigns, pay per click & social media development. Business owners are given web sites that are strategically prepared to tap into the power of the web and, act as effective marketing tools.

From the first stages of a website's design to competitive analysis, traffic reporting and social media development - Tabooni provides businesses with everything they need to succeed on the web.

Guiding Visitors Through Your Conversion Process

According to web guru Jack Nielsen, "users spend 30 seconds reviewing a home page". That doesn't give you much time to capture their attention, gather information and direct them where to go next.  The faster a prospective customer can find the information they seek on your site the higher your chances of converting them into a paying customer.

Tabooni's web development methodology is centered around visually guiding your visitors through your conversion funnel using value propositions, testing, color theory and eye catching design.

Our landing page designs make use of eye tracking research which helps determine the most effective placement of calls to action. Site elements are chosen to increase conversion rates.

Web page content is written and placed to ensure a high quality customer experience and excellent search engine visibility (SEO). Once a site has sufficient traffic multi variant testing can used to further enhance the conversion funnel.

Tabooni is not a cut and run web design firm. Creating the perfect site takes time and is never completed on the first pass. We take a systematic approach to maximizing your web site's search engine optimization (SEO) efforts as well as your web conversion rate (profitability) and we provide you the statistics necessary to quantify the results.

Evolving With The Internet

What works on the web is an evolving science. The companies that keep up with the latest trends and marketing techniques are the ones that will succeed. SEO, usability testing, conversion rate optimization, web analytics, social media development and email marketing should all be incorporated into your long term internet marketing strategy. Mobile designs are increasing important.

If you are ready to start building your online presence and do not know where to begin or if you need someone to implement your campaigns Tabooni will provide a cost effective SEO solution that fits your budget. Call now for a FREE web site phone consultation - 575-770-9062 or contact us via email.

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